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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the Uintah Basin Orchestra and Chorus (UBOC) Perform?

Currently UBOC has four performances each year: Christmas matinee and evening concerts held on the first Saturday each December, and matinee and evening concerts held on a selected Saturday each Spring. To purchase tickets to our next performance, click here.

How can I purchase tickets for UBOC concerts?

Tickets can be purchased from our Tickets page or at Davis Food and Drug locations in Vernal and Roosevelt.

How can I support UBOC?

You can offer your support in a variety of ways. We are always grateful for donations of money and/or time in any amount, large or small. Financial donations can be made here, or donations of any kind can be made by contacting Brandt Emery at You can also support us by auditioning to become a member.

Do I have to audition to become a member?

Yes. Auditions are held each year in August, before the beginning of each UBOC season. The required elements of the audition are compiled by the prospective member and submitted online. After the audition period has closed, applicants will receive the results of their audition via email.  For more information click here.

 Do UBOC members pay dues?

No. However, sometimes musicians do need to buy music or pay to rent music for certain concerts.

Musicians are also required to provide their own concert attire (Black shoes, long sleeve black shirt, and black pants or long black skirt for women; Black shoes, black suit, white shirt, and appropriate tie for men).

Chorus members are required to provide their own black music floders.

How often do UBOC members rehearse?

UBOC musicians are asked to rehearse their music as much as they need to on their own to become familiar with the musical numbers we perform for each concert. We then rehearse together as an organization six to seven times before each concert.  Chorus members also have the option of attending six to eight weekly rehearsals.